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Welcome to the Grimes Central Appraisal District website. We are pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive source of information on property taxes in a convenient on-line basis. In our website, you will find general information about the appraisal district and the property tax system as well as information regarding specific properties within the appraisal district. The website is part of our overall effort to provide prompt, courteous service to our customers in the most efficient manner possible. In addition to the website, we have an experienced and knowledgeable staff available to assist you in property tax matters. We encourage you to use all of the resources of the appraisal district and look forward to serving your needs in the future.
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Online Homestead Exemption

Please click here to get more information about filing Homestead Exemption Online

House Bill 394

H.B. 394 amends the Tax Code to include information that indicates the age of a property owner, including information indicating that a property owner is 65 years of age or older, among the information in property tax appraisal records that is prohibited from being posted on the Internet. The bill requires the chief appraiser for each appraisal district to ensure that any information indicating the age of a property owner that is posted on a website controlled by the appraisal district is removed from the website not later than the bill's effective date.

EFFECTIVE DATE - September 1, 2015.

Amendment to Tax Code Chapter 25 Section 25.027

Sec. 25.027. INFORMATION REGARDING CERTAIN RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY. (a) Information in appraisal records may not be posted on the Internet if the information is a photograph, sketch, or floor plan of an improvement to real property that is designed primarily for use as a human residence.

(b) This section does not apply to an aerial photograph that depicts five or more separately owned buildings.

Added by Acts 2005, 79th Leg., Ch. 29 (S.B. 541), Sec. 1, eff. September 1, 2005.

Appraisal Capitalization Rate for Low Income Housing

Appraisal Capitalization Rate for Low Income Housing Pursuant to Sec. 11.1825(r) of the Texas Property Tax Code, the Grimes Central Appraisal District of Grimes County gives public notice of the capitalization rate to be used for tax year 2019 to value properties receiving exemptions under this section. Rent restricted properties vary widely. These variations can have an affect on the valuation of the property. A basic capitalization rate of 10.50% will be used to value these properties; although adjustments may be made based on the individual property characteristics and the information provided to the chief appraiser as required under Sections 11.182 (d) and (g), Property Tax Code.

Next Delinquent Tax Sale Scheduled for Spring 2021
The next delinquent tax sale is scheduled for Spring 2021 at the Grimes County Courthouse in Anderson, Texas. For more information on tax sales visit our delinquent tax attorney’s websites at &
Grimes CAD Interactive GIS Maps Now Available!

Grimes CAD Interactive GIS maps available at     

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Our Mission Statement
The Mission Statement of the Grimes Central Appraisal District is to provide excellent quality appraisal and collections services in a fair and efficient manner that is cost effective.
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