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A person may NOT pay by credit card the delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and costs and expenses recoverable under Tax Code Section 33.48 on property that is posted for tax sale.

The delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and costs and expenses recoverable under Tax Code Section 33.48 on property that is posted for tax sale may ONLY be paid with United States currency, a cashier’s check, a certified check, or electronic funds transfer.


Please contact the Grimes Central Appraisal District for payment information.

Welcome to the Grimes Central Appraisal District online payment system. For a small convenience fee, you may now pay your taxes online with a credit/debit card or by e-check. If you have any questions call (936) 873-2163 ext. 221.

A 2.5% convenience fee will be added to all credit/debit card payments and a fee of $2.50 will be added to all e-check payments.

Age 65 Or Older Or Disabled
Homeowners who are age 65 or older or disabled may defer or postpone paying property taxes on their home as long as they own and live in it. A tax deferral, however, only postpones the tax liability. It does not cancel it. Past taxes, penalty and interest become due 181 days after the subject property no longer qualifies as a homestead. To postpone your tax payments, you must file a tax deferral affidavit with the Grimes Central Appraisal District located at 360 Hill Street in Anderson, Texas. For further information you may contact the appraisal district at (936) 873-2163.


If you have several properties to pay online, you must go to each account and pay separately. You will need your Property ID Number (Quick Ref Number), your credit/debit card number and expiration date or your banking information for e-check payment.
To Start:
  1. Search for the Property using search criteria
  2. Click on the Property in the search result to open the details
  3. Click on the Bills tab in the details. You should see the total taxes due in the box on right side.
  4. To pay full amount, simply click Pay My Bills. To make Partial Payment,  click on Make a Partial Payment, enter the custom amount, and then click on Pay My Bills. A warning window will open to confirm the payment amount
  5. Click Continue. You will then be redirected to the On-line Payments website.
  6. Next fill in the required information including your payment information, then Click Continue.
  7. Then verify your billing information and select the process payment option.
  8. If the transaction is successful you will be given a confirmation number/receipt.
  9. Print the confirmation number/receipt for your records and the transaction is complete.
*Note: Completed transactions take 3-5 business days to appear on the website.


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